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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - January 17, 2008

Defy Maturity at the FBR Open

Phoenix-based Drambrands Inc. to Introduce a New Line of Products that DEFY MATURITY and Meet the Needs of Mature Consumers

Phoenix, AZ (January 17, 2008) - DreamBrands will unveil two new consumer products under its DEFY MATURITY product campaign at the 2008 FBR Open Jan 28 – Feb 3.

Dreambrands is dedicated to developing healthier, natural alternatives for both mature men and women looking to improve their quality of life and maintain their active lifestyles. Both new products are targeted to the rapidly growing “mature market”, which is defined as persons over the age of 40.

By the year 2010, this age group is projected to expand to nearly 50 percent of the total US population and control over two-thirds of the consumer spending. Despite the attractiveness of this market, there are not many choices for personal care products specifically for this age group, especially products that offer a natural solution designed to help maturing adults maintain their vitality over time.

“Consumer research confirmed that mature men and women are increasingly choosing natural substances rather than synthetic ingredients to address their personal care needs,” notes Cecile Kehoe, the lead scientist at DreamBrands. “Our new products have generated such an overwhelming response related to how they have enriched their lives and helped bring back their vitality. Naturally, this led us to coin the phrase ‘Defy Maturity’ for our new product introductions”.

Each of these new products provides a natural solution to help defy the aging process and bring vitality to our mature consumers. The two products being introduced at the FBR Open are:

  1. Internal Harmony Balancing Cream for Women was formulated to help mature women maintain an active lifestyle and feeling of well-being. It contains natural progesterone derived from Wild Yam and is identical to the progesterone produced by the body. Each of the unique extracts works together in synergy to optimize the balancing effects of natural progesterone, creating a harmonious inner state to help women live life in balance. Live Life in Balance.
  2. Onkōr Vitality Gel for Men helps mature men increase their energy, fight fatigue and balance the internal core of their body. It is formulated with highly advanced extracts mixed with natural essential oils and natural plant emulsifiers. Men will notice a significant difference in their energy levels and stamina within 24 hours. Let men be men, again.

In 2006, DreamBrands successfully introduced its first product to the Phoenix market – Carrageenan Personal Lubricant™. This is the first natural personal lubricant that addresses the serious challenge of millions of peri- and post menopausal women, who experience vaginal dryness and “unpleasant sex” due to their menopausal symptoms. Carrageenan is extracted from pure, natural red algae, which offers an attractive alternative to the traditional synthetic chemical based solutions of the other leading lubricant products. As a result of the very strong consumer demand for this product, DreamBrands decided to expand its product line offerings for the mature market.

About DreamBrands

Internal Harmony Balancing Cream for Women, Onkōr Vitality Gel for Men, and Carrageenan Personal Lubricant are developed by DreamBrands, a Phoenix based personal care products company. For more information on the company and/or to purchase the products online, visit

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