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DreamBrands Launches the First Personal Lubricant Made From “Carrageenan” Red Algae

Natural personal lubricant contains no silicone or glycol like other leading brands

PHOENIX, AZ - December 28, 2006 – DreamBrands, a company dedicated to finding healthy solutions to give women and men better lifestyle choices, introduces Carrageenan™ -- the country’s first personal lubricant extracted from ocean plant life (marine red algae or seaweed.)

The star of Carrageenan™, the brand, is carrageenan, the ingredient. The ingredient, carrageenan, comes from the sea and is extracted from red algae, an ocean plant that has survived for thousands of years. It is a completely pure and natural ingredient and superior in moisturizing properties. The ingredient "carrageenan" is a seaweed extract made from red sea algae and this type of seaweed is common in the Atlantic Ocean near Britain, Continental Europe and North America.

This all-natural, sea plant-based product is designed to replicate the body’s own natural fluids – and that is good news for the 60 million women in the U.S. who experience mild to severe vaginal dryness due to mid-life hormonal changes or prefer extra lubrication. Carrageenan™ was developed by DreamBrands, a company based in Phoenix, Arizona.

“We wanted to help women enhance the quality of their sex lives with a natural lubricant as opposed to a chemical or synthetic one,” says Cecile Kehoe, COO, DreamBrands.

The “Ingredient” Carrageenan – Potential Impact in Combating the Spread of STDs?

A recent study conducted by researchers from The National Cancer Institute (NCI) found that -- in a test tube -- carrageenan, as an ingredient, inhibits the infectious ability of viruses that cause cervical cancer and genital warts. The NCI findings, as reported in a peer-reviewed journal published by The Public Library of Science, are being studied for its potential impact in combating the spread of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). In an age when STDs are still on the rise, this news has made medical headlines in the last few weeks.

The test-tube study was found to inhibit the infectious ability of genital HPV with nearly a thousand-fold greater potency than other inhibitors tested, according to NCI researchers. Early results are promising. In fact, The Population Council is in the process of conducting additional research and clinical trials on formulations that include one or more forms of carrageenan as a major ingredient.

Millions Invested in Scientific Research

Some of the world’s most famous philanthropic entities, including the Rockefeller and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundations, have invested millions of dollars in research on carrageenan-based formulas in combating the AIDS virus and other STDs in high-risk areas of the world. Several of these research investigations are being conducted by the Population Council.

Intimate Moments Made Better

Carrageenan™ Personal Lubricant is water-based and pH balanced to gently lubricate and complement a body’s natural fluids. It is a thick, rich gel that transforms into a moisture-rich lubricant when exposed to body heat and motion, which simply means it will not break down or drain from the vagina, to enhance and extend intimacy.

Its patented thixotropic gel matrix transforms into a moisture-rich fluid, just like a woman’s natural fluids, when exposed to natural body heat. The product is all-natural and does not contain silicone, while other leading brands contain 99% glycol and 100% silicone. The Carrageenan™ brand features an innovative nozzle pump for no mess and easy application from any angle; the moisture-rich gel will not drip or spill or stain. The airless pump allows the lubricant to dispense in a consistent measured dose each time.

“We are excited about this new personal lubricant entering the market,” adds Gary Kehoe, CEO, DreamBrands.

We believe this is the most natural, moisture-rich over-the-counter personal lubricant available today," he continues. "Based on extensive research and years of candid talks with women (and men) of all ages about ‘personal lubrication challenges’ we are confident and excited that this new women’s healthcare product will greatly enhance intimacy and sexual pleasure. Our goal is to make this new personal lubricant the number one selling brand in the world.

“Carrageenan™ is also condom compatible which is an added benefit for men," he adds.

About the Product

Carrageenan™ Personal Lubricant is available on and at all Bashas’ in Arizona. Priced at $10.99 (4 oz.), it comes in regular (4 oz.), warming (4 oz.) and single unit (50 ml) varieties. Carrageenan™ contains no mineral oil, petroleum or animal products and no animals were used to test the product.

The product is developed by Dreamspan Product Innovation, a Phoenix, Arizona-based lab complex that helps companies accelerate the product development process.

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